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Are you planning  to visit PERU?

We are travel designers , with 20 years of experience in peru.

We know our country, and we are in love with it. We believe that every traveller is different, therefore we need to create unique experiences according to every style , motivation , dream, and budget...

We are part of  GRUPO MILLA , a tourism pioneer family business in cusco. We want to open the doors of our country , our family, and connect you with our culture .
We want you to fill your luggage with life time memories...

Discover what we have for you...

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There are different motivations, dreams and expectations when you plan a trip.
There are different travel mates and occasions.
Tell us about your dream, and we will make it possible .
We are flexible to your dates, budget and preferences.



Every corner in Peru is special and wonderful. Lets find your favorite ...
We invite you to discover our country, a land blessed by the nature, with different natural sceneries,colors , and  wonderful people willing to share with you their wisdom and traditions.



We offer professional assistance for planning your trip. 
We want to be your partner in plannification. Tell us about your motivations and we will make your trip possible.
We will help you to take the best advantage of your time and give you the opportunity to build your trip at your own style and according to your preferences and budget.



Once finishing the planning , just prepare to enjoy THE GREATEST TRIP EVER, Leave the details in our hands!



Experience for Foodies

Along the history , PERU have received influences from different cuisines of the world , like Spanish, Arabic, and African.  During the conquest , and the Japanese and Chinese after the immigration at  the beginning of the XIX Century.

Besides that and the diversity of products , there are marvelous cooks around the country , in the little corner at the town's Plaza , and also the most famous chefs in the world.

We will help you to discover our great gastronomy . Tell us about your favorite ingredients , and get ready for this experience of flavors and colors.


Spiritual Journeys

Peru has been home of great civilizations, the understanding and connection with the nature and the superior forces was the key for their development.

We understand that this is a personal journey, we will give you the tools and necessary information to built your own experience.


From Port to Port

If you are in a cruise , and you will be close to Peru, we can make possible a trip to Machu Picchu or anywhere in Peru. 
Just let us know the cruise schedule , and the information of the stops , we will design and express trip for you.


Share with a local family

The best way to know a country is sharing with local people. We can organize a meal or stay with a local family , learn how to cook a peruvian dish or just help with the daily activities...


Welcome to the Jungle

The Peruvian Amazon is one of the most diverse in the Planet.

Is home of different aboriginal cultures and the most diverse flora and fauna.

The most important protected areas in Peru are...




There are different services and lodges around the peruvian Jungle.

We will help you to find your experience.



Travel consulting


Design your own trip

We will help you to plan your experience , according your time & budget.

We will help you from the beginning.
Choosing dates, find the best deal in international tickets, decide a route according the places you want to visit.


Travel with your group

Let us know your interests and we will find the best way to design your experience.

The best way to learn and to get to know a culture is traveling...  When you share, when you see with your own eyes , when you live the culture , that is a lesson for all your life. 
Traveling open minds , and hearts , let us be part of your planning . We can customize your experience according your learning goals and specialities. 
Archaeology, Photography, Exploring Cultures, Gastronomy, Bird watching, Nature or Biology.


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